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Silvestre - 23 September 10:03

Adore, aime caresser son corps. Appeler, passer des heures seul avec vous, et moi seul.

Vedder - 4 September 18:24

Klinikker Websites Betingelser Opret Login.

Devorah - 19 August 03:55

Did she really just advocate homeopathy as a legit treatment for fucking herpes? I mean if you wanna take homeopathy for a common cold and feel like you beat something back with this bs medication that your body really just fought off on its own (like your body did on its own if homeopathy cured ANYTHING you've ever had then go for it man. It's your money you're throwing away. But herpes? No. No ma'am, that is unacceptable.

Niesha - 2 September 12:30

Her is my favorite

Linn - 17 October 15:35

emuito gostoso

Jack - 7 February 07:00

But that's just not true, it's not ALL founded in religion. There will have always been people and always will be people who see homosexuality as wrong and it has nothing to do with religion. Some people just don't like/agree with/or understand others who aren't the same as them, whether it's because of their sexual orientation, their gender or sex or even the colour of their skin and that's not down to religion.

Dez - 12 December 23:03

The way I describe my pansexuality is by looking at the gender spectrum. Someone who is bisexual may be attracted to 2 pockets on the spectrum: masculine women and feminine men for example. where as my preferences lie across a really wide range across the spectrum, focused on the middle of the spectrum. as many point out, you define the label. I have met bisexuals who seem to have similar preferences to mine but don't use the pansexual label. some-like me-use both depending on the situation