Escort salon Stafford

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Lorin - 29 February 08:33

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Burl - 27 November 23:45

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Laderer - 24 January 08:01

There's also bondage and other BDSM stuff in porn, and that can get into something of the grey area of safe, sane, and consensual.В I imagine we ought to give the benefit of the doubt to such productions that they are SSC (or however one might want to shorten it but there is potential for abuse.В Erotic asphyxiation is part of the BDSM talk I believe.

Rochlin - 22 November 13:05

Dr. you always find a nice way to explain these topics. good job.

Connie - 22 November 07:07

There's just one thing I'm a littlebit confused about and I just need to confirm or disconfirm this question: I have had cold sores before, so HSV1 I presume. The cold sores haven't been disastrous and super duper painful, but it's quite sore and definitely uncomfortable. Now, question: You said I can transfer herpes from mouth to genitals, but is that only during outbrakes or can I transfer my mouth herpes/cold sores to genitals (or mouth for that matter when not having an outbreak? 'Preciate it!

Arthur - 12 June 16:03

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