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So it was like We don't want you to be having sex, but here's a lot of important information for when/if you DO have sex, including information you should know even if you're in a monogamous relationship. Now, I went to one of the better schools in the district so maybe that explains the better sex ed.

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Francisco - 4 October 09:29

Bob is a transgender manВ but hasn't had the operation yet. HeВ goes into the woman's bathroom lookingВ for a urinal. Surprise! There isn't one there. Adele is a transgender female who hasn't had the operation. She goes into the men's bathroom looking for a stall but only find urinals. What should she do? Who assigned these people genders anyway? God? Their chromosomes? AВ freak ofВ nature? Gotta remember, trans people make up almost 1/5 of 1 of the population at large. ThisВ should plumbersВ busy for years.

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